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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject .net tasks and mono
Date Wed, 03 Sep 2003 16:43:51 GMT

I've been thinking about the .net tasks and the tricks we had to do with 
mono support

the underlying problem was that because the task was always explicitly 
importing lots of stuff from the .net framework, the defaultreferences 
attribute was overloaded.

But it turns out that the MS CSC compiler automatically reads in the 
file csc.rsp from the directory that CSC.exe lives in, and by default 
that contains the core references:

 From NET 1.1.4322
# This file contains command-line options that the C#
# command line compiler (CSC) will process as part
# of every compilation, unless the "/noconfig" option
# is specified.

# Reference the common Framework libraries


thus a windows box automatically got the right reference set, regardless 
of what we said in the ant task.

I proose, therefore, that we pull all 'helpful' auto referencing from 
the ant task because it wasnt needed on windows, and broke mono. Then we 
can get rid of that extra attribute we hacked in for mono support.


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