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From Per Olesen <>
Subject Volunteering: ejclientjar task missing? I want to write it
Date Fri, 19 Sep 2003 19:23:12 GMT

I've often missed a task for generating a ejb clientjar. Ant already includes 
a "ejbjar" task, but - as far as I know - no way of generating a ejb 
clientjar from a generic ejbjar as input/source.

I hereby volunteer to write one myself !

I've read the guidelines on the web for how to contribute etc., but I'm not 
clear precisely how to start this up.

Should I start by sending a description on this list of how I would implement 
it (how it should work) or should I make a bugzilla report as a request for 
enhancement and then grab it myself (may I even grab an issue? I have not 
contributed to ant before).

I can also just write it like I would like it to work, and then submit the 
patch for it. But then I first get your valuable input after I've done the 

Also: Should I develop against 1.6? I can see that there is a proposal for 
starting a release-plan for 1.6. Might not make it into 1.6 then. Is there a 
2.0 on the way? (there is a 2.0 name in bugzilla).

Regards, Per Olesen

Per Olesen @ Nordija A/S - - main#: +45 70 20 25 10
email: - cell#: +45 23 38 95 81

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