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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject I signed on
Date Mon, 18 Aug 2003 12:00:13 GMT

I checked out the ANT_12 tag from Ant's cvs and ran the srcdist target
in it.  After that I unzipped the created zip as well as the one I've
downloaded from and the only differences I could
find were whitespace changes, all line-ends were different (Conor did
the 1.2 release on Windows IIRC).

So I went ahead and signed the file and put the signature on  It would be nice if anybody using PGP and in
particular using PGP on Windows could verify the signature because of
this comment by Magesh in the ReleaseInstructions

| Try to do this on Linux since the gpg signatures generated on Windows may 
| cause some PGP users problems verifying signatures even though they seem 
| OK.

In fact, I've never used the --force-v3-sigs switch of GnuPG before.



BTW, it was amusing to see that a fresh CVS HEAD version of Ant
happily worked on the 1.2 build file and only complained about
<fixcrlf> using a deprecated attribute.

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