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Subject RE: Getting 1.6 out the door
Date Fri, 29 Aug 2003 07:15:09 GMT
by Conor
> What I'd suggest is that soon we branch 1.6 and remove anything that is
> settling down. I think we have a few ideas that need to be kicked around 
> before we feel comfortable with them. This work can continue on the HEAD 
>(1.7) while we prepare a release.


by Conor
> Once we have 1.6 out there I would like to aim for a 1.7 release much
> than was the case between 1.5 and 1.6. This would pick up those ideas
> aren't solid today. 

+1   because if some of the features are not elected for 1.6

by Conor
> There will probably be a 1.6.1 release in between to 
> clean up any issues we discover in 1.6

That´s usual :-)

by Conor
> 1. <import>
> 2. antlib
> 3. <macrodef> and <presetdef>

+0   I like the ideas, but I haven´t worked with them and there were some
     points written I can´t refuse. 

by Steve
> Because ant is so often integrated into IDEs these days, stability is 
> good for our customers.

Yes. On the lists and forum there sometimes is asked for 1.4 and they can´t

by Steve
> Also, we can only win one javaworld award a year, right?

I think so ... are there any other awards? :-)

by Steve
> antlib
> We could put it in the betas and see how it goes down; pull it if there 
>is trouble. Where is it documented, incidentally?

If the "old" way works in the 1.6, too, we can introduce that. Important
is to know
- where is the doc? :-)
- in which order libs are loaded? (namespace collision)
- is there a "default" namespace? (for the "old" libs)
Ok, I haven´t worked with that ... 

by Steve
> including AntContrib-stuff

I think there is more in AntContrib worth for including in Ant that 
<try> / <catch>. But what about license? We had discussion about that.
If I remember right, there came nothing from the project administrator
at sourceforge.

But I can live with the state now. ant-contrib.jar is always in my
%ant_home%/lib directory :-) It´s only nerve-killing always to taskdef
the tasks...


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