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From Dean Hiller <>
Subject Re: ant task submission....compilewithwalls
Date Wed, 27 Aug 2003 12:03:49 GMT
I had another suggestion on this front.  Why don't we open up another 
module on apache for ant-contrib where the ant-contrib people have 
commiting access too?  Just trying to bring the ant-contrib project 
closer as it seems highly related to ant.  I found a task I had been 
looking for a long time ago and never knew about ant-contrib which had 
it.  I am just really dissapointed news about ant-contrib is not 
widespread(regardless of whether they accept my task or not, haven't 
asked them that yet). 
thanks for listening at any rate,

Erik Hatcher wrote:

> On Tuesday, August 26, 2003, at 08:45  PM, Dean Hiller wrote:
>>    ok, I am a moron.  I think I ran into the top of that when looking 
>> for guidelines and must not have looked down far enough.  My 
>> apologies for being annoying.
>>    Anyways, what you are saying kind of worries me.  I have no where 
>> to really post this then?  I have a feeling this ant task is just 
>> going to end up being used by me because I can't put it in some open 
>> source repository to share it with others.  this is a self-contained 
>> task unlike most other tasks out there so I don't think it would be 
>> too hard to include it.  People can still e-mail me for support which 
>> is why I put my e-mail there, or just assign me the bugs that come in 
>> or something.
>>    How should I handle this then?
> Perhaps lobbying to have it added to ant-contrib at Sourceforge?
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