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From Dean Hiller <>
Subject Re: ant task submission....compilewithwalls
Date Wed, 27 Aug 2003 11:52:24 GMT
interesting.  I never knew that existed.  That actually kind of scares 
me because I am someone who constantly investigates knew things out in 
the open source community like Abbot, Subversion, castor, and 
cruisecontrol(back when it was alpha).  Ant-contrib was something I 
never noticed.  It was not in ant's list of external docs nor was there 
a link from the manual.  There may be some really good tasks in there, 
but I never knew about it. 
    Can I suggest trying something new possibly?  ant-contrib might be a 
good idea, but is it possible to have the ant manual contain(ant 
repository still would NOT contain the jars such as ant-contrib, just docs)
1.  Core Tasks
2.  Optional Tasks
3.  External Self-Contained Tasks
4.  External Tasks
Then, people who write tasks can put the task in ant-contrib and post 
the documentation to ant, so at least it can get some visibility.  
People could also include download links to the jars from the manual, to 
download the additional things needed.  I think this would be very 
useful.  Another option might be to employ maven and have ant's build 
download the external docs?  In the meantime, I will send a mail off to 
    I have one more suggestion.  Ant contrib was saying I have to change 
the build file.  It would be really nice if the only thing we had to do 
was drop in the ant-contrib jar in the lib directory of ant, and ant 
used a different classloader to read out of unknown jars to check the file, and if there was one automatically add the tasks 
without changes to the build file.  I don't think it's that hard to do.  
Search lib directory for jars not called ant.jar and optional.jar, and 
then load that jar in a different class loader just to get the 
properties file and read it in to get all the tasks.  What do you think?

Erik Hatcher wrote:

> On Tuesday, August 26, 2003, at 08:45  PM, Dean Hiller wrote:
>>    ok, I am a moron.  I think I ran into the top of that when looking 
>> for guidelines and must not have looked down far enough.  My 
>> apologies for being annoying.
>>    Anyways, what you are saying kind of worries me.  I have no where 
>> to really post this then?  I have a feeling this ant task is just 
>> going to end up being used by me because I can't put it in some open 
>> source repository to share it with others.  this is a self-contained 
>> task unlike most other tasks out there so I don't think it would be 
>> too hard to include it.  People can still e-mail me for support which 
>> is why I put my e-mail there, or just assign me the bugs that come in 
>> or something.
>>    How should I handle this then?
> Perhaps lobbying to have it added to ant-contrib at Sourceforge?
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