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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: ant task submission....compilewithwalls
Date Wed, 27 Aug 2003 04:34:38 GMT
Dean Hiller wrote:
>    ok, I am a moron.  I think I ran into the top of that when looking 
> for guidelines and must not have looked down far enough.  My apologies 
> for being annoying.

No, dont worry about that.

>    Anyways, what you are saying kind of worries me.  I have no where to 
> really post this then?  I have a feeling this ant task is just going to 
> end up being used by me because I can't put it in some open source 
> repository to share it with others.  

I actually really like the idea. You are not just wrapping some existing 
code in Ant, you are bringing a whole new stage to the build process 
-that of validating that bits of your project are separate.

As I said, I think a .class based approach would also be interesting, 
but it has the weakness that it doesnt detect imported constants, which 
could be an issue in some projects.

And, since you have tests and docs, it is more mature than many 
submissions. Ones without tests are always trouble as the author thinks 
they are ready to ship, but whoever takes on the role of committing the 
stuff ends up being responsible for the tests. Which reminds me, I have 
to write those tests for assertion support in Java :)

So I'll ask what other people think...

>this is a self-contained task 
> unlike most other tasks out there so I don't think it would be too hard 
> to include it.  People can still e-mail me for support which is why I 
> put my e-mail there, or just assign me the bugs that come in or something.
>    How should I handle this then?  I have attached the new task, which 
> has the apache licenses.  I formatted the code to the java standard, and 
> I added about 5 tests.  There are extra .java files for testing purposes 
> which I put in src/etc also.  I packaged it so it can be unzipped easily 
> into an ant structure as long as you have workareas/ant1.5.4.(I couldn't 
> figure out that part of winzip-winzip illiterate).  I will file a bug 
> and attach the zip file there too like the document you referred to me 
> said.
> thanks for all your input on this,
> Dean

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