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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: ant task submission....compilewithwalls
Date Tue, 26 Aug 2003 22:06:39 GMT wrote:
> Confused by what you are asking. please see my questions below.

> I wrote this task in a few hours.  (Testing took a little longer).  I
> didn't think of using the depends and going that route.  That might have
> been a good idea.  I would have had to do alot of comparisons.  That is
> something I didn't have to do with the route I did take which was just
> using javac on the different packages.  javac naturally failed the build
> when it couldn't compile due to bad dependencies.
> Is there a process for acceptance of a new task into ant?  How does this
> work?  Still need to fix my bug and write a test case, but after that???
> thanks for any input here.
> dean

Yes, the rules are documented in your CVS tree; look for 

The hard thing to do is convince everyone not that what you have written 
is a good idea, but that it should go into the repository. Nowadays the 
aim is to keep the explosion of optional tasks under control, primarily 
because it caused too much support grief. Instead we prefer for people 
to host their code wherever, and we point to it; This is why the core of 
ant being enhanced to make it easier to load plug in libraries.

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