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From Gus Heck <>
Subject Re: Ant Task
Date Mon, 18 Aug 2003 16:05:22 GMT
Hi, Andrei,

2 things about your post:

1. I think you need to give more details. It is not clear what your 
INIFile class does or why you want to use an ant task in place of a 
constructor call.

2. I think you need to ask this on the user list (see, not this list (the dev list). This 
list is generally about making changes to Ant itself. If you had already 
writen the task and you wanted to contribute it so it could be part of 
the standard ant distribution, then this would be the right list.

Extensibility is one of ant's best features. Many users write their own 
tasks, and most of the active commiters monitor the user list as well, 
so you will find plenty of help about writing tasks on the user list, 
and your questions may help others there who have similar questions.

Also, you may wish to read 
before mailing ant-user, since there is a lot of good information there 
that may answer your questions.

You might also want to search the user-list archives at

This thread in particular may be helpful:

Good luck,

Andrei wrote:

> Here is my problem: 
>            I have to write an Ant Task which must do the following:
>                   create an instance of an Class INIFile class from velocity 
>                    and use that object in my project.
>        Another  description of the task may be:
>                i have to replace a call 
>                    iniFile = new INIFile("name.ini"); 
>                with an Ant Task. 
>    Can you help me?
>                                                                    Andrei    

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