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Subject Re: ant task submission....compilewithwalls
Date Tue, 26 Aug 2003 18:35:18 GMT
Confused by what you are asking. please see my questions below.

> Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
>> Dean Hiller wrote, On 26/08/2003 13.59:
>> ...
>>> Currently at work we prevent this same thing by having separate source
>>> trees and people are complaining up a storm.
>> ...
>>> This helps with that problem of allowing one to keep one source tree
>>> and put up walls that prevent other packages to be used from certain
>>> packages that are supposed to be independent.
>> I like it. :-)
>> I have never liked keeping separate directories for things, even if I do
>> it for the benefit it has in build separation.
> I like a good layout of project.model. and project.view. trees; any
> instance of .view packages in the model class is a complete failure of
> separation and easily caught. But having more rigorous meta-rules is
> interesting.

Yeah, so I thought, until a developer once put a dependency in that caused
me a huge headache to get it back out.

> Would it need to be a compile time process, or something you can do just
> by processing the source or even the class files, a la <depends>?

I wrote this task in a few hours.  (Testing took a little longer).  I
didn't think of using the depends and going that route.  That might have
been a good idea.  I would have had to do alot of comparisons.  That is
something I didn't have to do with the route I did take which was just
using javac on the different packages.  javac naturally failed the build
when it couldn't compile due to bad dependencies.

Is there a process for acceptance of a new task into ant?  How does this
work?  Still need to fix my bug and write a test case, but after that???
thanks for any input here.

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