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From Matt Quail <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] add support to <junit> for popping up the JUnit GUI
Date Wed, 18 Jun 2003 23:22:28 GMT

> It would be good if this patch has the printsummary also enabled as most 
> of
> us trap the results in a file and parse the results file for further
> processing. I have placed a sample target which is being used in one of 
> the
> projects that we are doing.

I deliberately DID NOT include printsummary support, nor support for any of 
the other formatters.

One reason is that it is troublesome to implement (using uimode="true", Ant 
no longer runs the tests itself, instead it passes everything off to JUnit) 

The other reason is that I not could come up with a good enough use-case 
that would justify the "troublesome" implementation. If you are running in 
"gui" mode, my assumption is you are primarily interesting in seeing the 
"green bar". On the other hand, if you are capturing the output of Ant, 
that seems more like a "continious integration" use-case (which would be a 
non-GUI use-case).

Actually, if you had a development build system that was invoking ant, and 
then parsing the Ant output to inform the developer in some way about the 
success of the build (even while the developer can see the green bar at the 
same time), then your suggestion makes some sense.

If my Ant patch does eventually get accepted, then I will consider adding 
print summary support (hmmm... it may not be as hard to implement as I was 

If you want to use this patch now, you can get it as an attachment to this 
bugzilla report


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