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From "Jose Alberto Fernandez" <>
Subject RE: adding success & failure to <subant>
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2003 10:01:01 GMT
> From: Steve Loughran []
> I think try and catch are better than failonerror stuff; the latter 
> means a lot more complexity in the individual tasks, which means more 
> testing (or worse test coverage).
> So I am in favour of try/catch moving into core.
> If/then/else is more controversial; I welcome input in that area

Using <if/> have simplified my builds enourmously. Before, for every little test I
needed to realize, I had to define a property which could only be set on some specific
task somewhere on the flow of the build. Then you had to write a separate target
if'd on that property so you will do or not do the work. My builds where so full of
these superflous targets that they became very hard to read.

Using <if/> really made the targets be real targets, and let small details on the flow
be managed by in a more clear and still declarative manner. <if/> is a declarative
construct well defined and without funny side effects, every declarative language
has such a construct and it does not causes any problems.

Jose Alberto

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