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From Malcolm Sparks <>
Subject jcoverage - what's the best practice for naming optional tasks?
Date Wed, 28 May 2003 18:18:23 GMT

With the help of a fellow Java hacker (Peter Morgan), I've put together
a new Java code-coverage tool. It's based on Apache BCEL (bytecode
engineering library). We chosen the rather boring and obvious title of
jcoverage, and licensed it under GPL- you can download version 1.0 from - we've just ftp'd it up earlier today.

We've designed jcoverage to be exclusively driven by Ant and have four
new Ant tasks: instrument, merge, report and check. Obviously these
taskdef names by themselves don't provide any meaningful context- ie.
that they should be used in conjunction with jcoverage rather than some
other utility.

What's the best thing to do? 

A) Should I wrap them in some outer element, say, <jcoverage>

B) Should I prefix them, like the junit tasks?

C) Any other suggestions, namespaces? etc..

I want to do "the right thing", so I'd really appreciate any help on
this, thanks in advance!


Malcolm Sparks <>

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