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From Martin Landers <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Fix for VAJ4
Date Wed, 30 Apr 2003 16:45:04 GMT

Hi Francois, hi Stefan,

Stefan: I think we've found someone to confirm my patches! :)
Francois: It seems your attachments were stripped...

I've submitted a set of patches for the VAJ tasks - including the
"import-patch" you mention - to this list a while ago. The reason
the patches haven't made it into the Ant codebase yet, is that nearly
noone (especially none of the Ant committers) is using VAJ, so
nobody could confirm my patches are working.

I propose that Stefan (or another willing committer ;) gets the patches
into the Ant 1.6 branch (if there are any problems - I think my patches
were against post 1.5.1 CVS HEAD - contact me) and you, Francois, confirm
they too solve your problem. This way we'd also get my other improvements
into the codebase.

> [...] change the imports of the VAJToolsServlet class. In addition, I
> also changed the relevant documentation.

What documentation is it you've changed? The "setup" instructions?
If yes, that would make a great addition to my patches, as I didn't
have time to correct them (and they're quite wrong by now).

> I suspect this change will break these tasks on VAJ 3.5 and below. I'm not
> sure if there are still people using VAJ out there, but there's more chances
> they use v4 than 3.x.

Nope, it won't break support for VAJ 3.x. The exact reason I've submitted
my patches (apart from the new features) was that the tasks _didn't_ work
with VAJ 3.x. (Making we wonder if they ever worked at all - seems there
are suble differences between VAJ versions...)


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