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From Nicola Ken Barozzi <>
Subject Re: subant
Date Fri, 14 Mar 2003 16:44:07 GMT

Dominique Devienne wrote, On 14/03/2003 17.28:
> Not really ;-) GUMP works fine. I'm not trying to replicate it. I'm trying
> thru other means though to build a project so that all its dependencies are
> correctly fetched (if needed) and used. It's more similar to Maven in that
> regard, while retaining the flexibility to use whatever ant build you
> need/want (just becomes a utility to simplify/help writing your build).

Hey, that's what Centipede does/wants to do! That's why I wanted info 
about this, why duplicate things? I would simply substitute Centipede's 
version with this subant.

> A GUMP-like build could be achieved with <subant> and what I'm trying to do,
> but minus all the reports. 

Wanna use Centipede? ;-)

> Like I said, GUMP works fine, and we're using it
> (in a limited fashion), so rewriting it is a waste of time IMHO.

Who ever said that... Centipede projects run well under Gump.
That's not my goal, as it's not yours.

I just don't want to duplicate functionality between your code and ours.

> PS: I'll post the new <subant> with <buildpath> within a few weeks.


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> Subject: Re: subant
> Dominique Devienne wrote, On 14/03/2003 17.08:
>>This is a completely different issue that I'm addressing independently.
>><subant> is not meant to replace GUMP. Its purpose is to build projects in
> a
>>given order. It doesn't dictate the classpath used by these projects at
> all,
>>like GUMP does. Each project is on its own to configure its classpath and
>>everything. What it is guaranteed is that its dependencies have been built
>>before if is built (provided that project's build is called by a higher
>>level build thru <subant>. --DD
> Yes, I ACK this, but I'd like to see if I can /use/ subant to have 
> Gump-like functionality.
> For example, if you added an interceptor system right before each call, 
> I can do everything I like before each project call. In this way I can 
> subclass subant and make a "gumpant" task, that would be used by centipede.
> Does this make sense?

Nicola Ken Barozzi         
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