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From Nicola Ken Barozzi <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Krysalis Centipede, Ruper, Version to Ant
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2003 08:58:16 GMT

Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote, On 06/03/2003 9.49:
>> If you think this plan is workable let's put this to a PMC vote.
> Yes, let's start with Ruper, and work our way one thing at a time.

Oh, one more thing.

Krysalis Version is active in our sandbox, and is an effort to get a 
versioning system, that would be then used by Ruper. And also Andy is 
working on metadata stuff.

 From a quick thought, I would think that these efforts would need to be 
part of the "Ruper" thing... also since we have committers actively 
working on it, would the inclusion in the sandbox not make development 
harder at this point? What if I gave access to the krysalis repositories 
till the thing seems more stable, so that you don't need to give pache 
ids to our devs that don't have them...?

Dunno, just thoughts, I'll let the Ant PMC decide what they prefer, 
we'll be happy with any outcome, as long as a download mechanism is 
established :-)

Nicola Ken Barozzi         
             - verba volant, scripta manent -
    (discussions get forgotten, just code remains)

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