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From Ken Gentle <>
Subject Re: Should CvsChangeLog extend AbstractCvsTask?
Date Mon, 10 Feb 2003 00:42:40 GMT
There's already a bug open on CvsChangeLog regarding it's date processing 
-- I was going to include the "upgrade" to the extension of the AbstractCvs 
class with those changes.

Is that OK, or do you want another defect logged?  I don't mind submitting 
in stages.


At 19:18 2003-02-09, Conor MacNeill wrote:
>Ken Gentle wrote:
>>Well, I've got an edited version of CvsChangeLog that can handle the 
>>"start" and "end" date parameters with a little more flexibility.
>>I've added an optional attribute, "pattern", which is expected to be a 
>>SimpleDateFormat pattern string. I've modified the tasks "setStart" and 
>>"setEnd" methods to have string parameters (as opposed to the "Date" they 
>>currently have), and have taken steps to ensure the old behavior works.
>>So as I'm shamelessly stealing test case code from Stefan's 
>>AbstractCvsTaskTest, I'm seeing that the ChangeLogTask depends completely 
>>on the external environment for CVS parameters (CVSROOT, CVSPASS, etc).
>>Wouldn't it be desirable for the CvsChangeLog task to behave like the CVS 
>>and CvsTagDiff tasks?
>Yes, I think if we have an abstract class for CVS tasks, it would make 
>sense to use it. Please open a BugZilla bug and attach any changes to it - 
>I'll commit as soon as I can.
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