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From Vidhya <>
Subject Enhanacement for Replace Task
Date Tue, 25 Feb 2003 11:35:23 GMT

Herewith I am submitting the enhanced code of  Replace task .The
existing replace task  has the functionality to replace all occurrences
of the string specified in the 'token' attribute .

The enhanced code adds the following functionality's.
 1.'firstoccurence' can be true/false ,default value is false. Only the
first occurrence of the string gets replaced .
 2. 'lastoccurence' can be true /false  ,default value is false. Only
the lastoccurence of the string gets replaced .
3.'nthoccurence' attribute takes an integer  value  If the int value is
4 , the fourth occurrence of the  string gets replaced
4. 'fromline ' and ' toline' attributes applies the replace task
functionality to a specified portion of the file.
   e.g.; if fromline ='4' and toline='7' , the replacement occurs only
between line 4 and 7 .

Please find the enhanced code attached along with this. I would be nice
if you let me know the status after review.

Thanks and regards
SIP Technologies and Exports Ltd. Chennai, India

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