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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject testing <fixcrlf>
Date Sat, 15 Feb 2003 11:05:26 GMT
Hi All,

I am making changes to <copy> and <filelist> and now I am testing my 
changes with the junit test classes in src/etc/org/

I had several failures on tests because the 'input' and 'expected" 
target files for the tests had CRLF characters in them and the test 
result file only had LFs, because I'm running it on linux.

I corrected this by placing <fixcrlf> tasks before the test task  within 
the target.

Then I got a failure on <fixcrlf> test itself.

Same issue. On FixCrLfTest test3 where it tests the replacement of tabs, 
the 'expected' file has got an extra 12 bytes, a CR character for each line.

One fix would be to run <fixcrlf> on 'input' and 'expected' files in the 
target as I did on the others above so the EOLs are OS compatible.

However since <fixcrlf> is being tested itself, I'm not quite sure about 
the integrity of using it to process its own test files before running 
its test, assuming I will submit the fix to the source.

I'm new to JUnit. I'd appreciate some guidance here.


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