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From Dale Anson <>
Subject Re: SSH Tasks
Date Fri, 07 Feb 2003 22:02:10 GMT

Stefan Bodewig wrote:

>On Thu, 06 Feb 2003, Dale Anson <> wrote:
>>I wrote an ssh and scp task last month based on the jsch library
>>(java secure channel), which is currently LGPL'd.
>Any pointers to it?  Your task, I mean.
It's at, the ssh tasks are in a 
separate file (follow the 'download' link), then get 
The zip has the source, docs, and compiled classes. I packaged them 
separately because of the license issues...! These are (IMHO) a decent 
start, but need some work, in particular the ability to include filesets 
in the scp task.

>What can we do to address this concern?
I'll forward your complete message to him and see where it goes.

>Ant is under a BSDish license.  There are people who redistribute our
>code, even in modified form, and do so using a commercial license.  Is
>this a problem for us?  We still have Ant under our license, we don't
>get access to the modifications others have made, but this is their
>choice IMHO.  Furthermore "they" are forced to give credit to us and
>must not call their product Ant.
>If you need help in evangelizing, I'm here 8-)
Thanks! I've done a lot at work to get rid of shell scripts, python 
scripts, perl scripts, dos batch files, etc, to replace them with pure 
Ant. Unfortunately, there are still a few things missing, ssh/scp being 
a key piece.

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