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From Sebastien BLANC <>
Subject Re: CORBA IDL uptodate checking
Date Wed, 05 Feb 2003 16:11:15 GMT
do u confirm wat u're trying to do is not re-generate the java files from the
idl if there was no modifs since the last cross compil ?

if so, here a previous answer I got on the same concern for xdoclet generated

The first step is done using either <vailable> or <dependset>. The latter is
more generic, but doesn't set a property when doing something (deleting the
targets when it found they are out-of-date vs. the sources). The former set the
property you need, but supports only 1-to-1 (using a mapper) or many-to-1
relationship, and doesn't delete the out-of-date target files. If you go for
<dependset>, you need an additional <available> usually 2 find out a-posteriori
if it did something. If you do with <available>, you may need 2 delete the
target files.

The second step is done in a separate target executed conditionally based on
the target that check whether the target files are up-to-date or not, which
sets a property accordingly. All this needs 2 be wrapped in yet another target
that depends on the 2 previous one.

<target name="gen" depends="gen-needed?, do-gen" />

<target name="gen-needed?">
  <!-- set property gen-targetfiles-up2date only when target files
       are really up-todate. Do nothing if they're not.
  <property name="gen-targetfiles-up2date" value="whatever" />

<target name="do-gen"
  <xdoclet ... />

all targets are detailed in ANT doc.


Erik Putrycz wrote:

> Thanks for help !
> > u mean the name of the generated files or the location of the generated
> files ?
> I would like to have a way to know the name of the generated files from an
> idl file.
> So that I could use the Ant classes for uptodate checking.
> > if this is the name of the files u are wondering about, then it is ORB
> dependant
> > but why not launch ur test for **/** under generated ? otherwise for a
> fixed ORB
> > and depending of the CORBA standard level, the name of the files will
> always be
> > the same (since they are generated).
> >
> > does it help ?
> Is there any classes already there that does the uptodate check for **/** ?
> Erik.
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