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From Stefan Moebius <>
Subject CSS-styled version of docs [was: ant xdocs! it ran!]
Date Sat, 15 Feb 2003 14:44:08 GMT
Ok, here we go. Check out
I've overhauled the file Bill sent and I think the gain in file size
alone (17kb + 2kb css vs. 33kb) was worth it :-)

A few notes:
- The file currently contains the css. This should of course be moved
into a seperate file.
- All headings now really *are* headings (<h1>/<h2>).
- The list of nested elements is a definition list (<dl>). I'm not
entirely sure if that's appropriate. What are the
<description>/<short-description> blocks supposed to provide?
- The file validates as HTML 4.01 Transitional (except for those
description tags)

I've tested it with Mozilla, IE5.5, Opera 6.05 and 7 and it basically
looks equally good in all of them. The only problem is NS4.x: Among
others, I don't know a way to trick NS4 into treating <hX> as block
level element or otherwise extending it across the whole width.
Personally I think it looks better in NS4 without any styles at all. To
try it, just switch of the style sheet support. 

Well, have a look and let me know what you think.


--- Bill Burton <> wrote:
> Hello,
> Stefan Moebius wrote:
> > --- Bill Burton <> wrote:
> >>Navigation could easily be generated for each page.  The layout
> >>should 
> >>really be done with CSS instead of tables.  This would provide more
> >>flexibility such as hiding the navigation when the page is printed.
> > 
> > 
> > I totally agree. And this way, the index could even be made sticky.
> If
> > you need any help regarding HTML/CSS, let me know.
> Yes, that would be greatly appreciated as I'm not yet well versed in 
> using CSS for layout.  If you or someone would like to refactor the 
> attached HTML file to use CSS, that would be a big help.  Then these 
> changes could then be applied to the proposal/xdocs/dvsl/task.dvsl 
> stylesheet.
> Some work has already been done in this area for Ant's site pages. 
> See 
> Attached is the DVSL transformed XML for the <javac> task.  It's in
> text 
> format to keep from (hopefully) being stripped from the message.  For
> some reason, gump is not pulling in the associated javac.xml file so 
> that version has the javadoc alone without the content merged XML
> file.
> Thanks,
> -Bill

Stefan Moebius       <> 
  Wurzener Str. 43        +49 351 8475827
  01127 Dresden           +49 172 8739617

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