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From "Erik Putrycz" <>
Subject Re: CORBA IDL uptodate checking
Date Wed, 05 Feb 2003 16:34:36 GMT
Thanks a lot for your help ! Your Ant task concern is pretty close to my IDL

> I think I faced the same kind of issue when I developed a <jaxb> task
> (posted to BugZilla). To know whether generation or re-generation is
> necessary, you do need to know which files will be generated. This usually
> requires intimate knowledge of the process wrapped in a task. In my case,
> would have required parsing a schema file, and understand all various ways
> the class generation was going to affect which files are generated
> (renaming, etc...). This is too complex.
> I ended up looking a posteriori at what files had been generated (in an
> empty dir), recording (caching) their timestamps (and sizes and
> Next time, if the source document is newer than any of the files
> re-generation needs to happen again. But also, if the source document has
> not changed, but any of the generated files had been modified, or is
> (or if I cannot find the cache file), then re-generation is also

I like this idea, but how did you figure out were to create the empty dir ?
Is there somekind of temporary location used by Ant ?
My current idea would be to record into a temporary location a serialized
hashtable of generated files (which would be created at the first build) and
then use the Ant classes to check for uptodate.


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