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From "Craig Campbell" <>
Subject RE: [ANTidote] Introspection implemented and updated ToDo's
Date Mon, 13 Jan 2003 23:13:12 GMT

>> Although I have a question about the Object editor we will 
>> use?  Are we
>> wanting to stick with the table style or do we want something more?

>Yes, I kind of really like the TableStyle, because it's most flexible
>fast - so the editors should be somehow TableCellEditors...!

I'll get to work on it shortly.  I would like to see if I can add a
property completion feature, much like code compeltion in many IDEs. 
This would allow the user to type in a $ which would bring up a list of
properties defined in the build file.  Shouldn't slow the system down,
and I would a way to turn it off if unwanted.  Let me know.

>Regarding WebStart:
>I did not really expect, that this could become a problem... We, at
>made the best experiences with signed Applications, even with a
>keytool signiture... Have you tried?

yep, and it worked just fine if I really didn't want to run my build
file from inside Antidote.  Infact it was my preferred way of starting
up Antidote for quick changes.

>I see the WebStart-Vesion as somkind of sneak-peak and demo purpose
>so I to not see a big Problem if the classpath is not changable
>runtime - what do you think?

I agree, but if somebody could find away to change the classpath that
would be great!


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