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From "Craig Campbell" <>
Subject RE: [ANTidote] Introspection implemented and updated ToDo's
Date Mon, 13 Jan 2003 22:36:15 GMT

I like what you have done with Antidote!  The icons are better than the
original, and I see that you have the tree renderer setup and working
like you described.  Very nice!
I still think we need to look into Eric's xdocs stuff for additional
functionality (i.e. context sensitive help, advanced icon rendering,
more detailed descriptions, etc...).  There also might be other
integrations that would appreciate a descriptor.  

As for Antidote if nobody has already volunteered for the following
pieces I could pick them up.

- Make the attributes aware of their type.
- implement attribute-editors for many of the types.
  - simple types (Sring, Integer, Boolean)
  - reference types
  - list/custom types

Although I have a question about the Object editor we will use?  Are we
wanting to stick with the table style or do we want something more? 

And lastly, I have some questions about Java WebStart enabling
Antidote.  I was successful in my attempt at running Antidote from
WebStart, however I have run into several issues, one major issue IMHO. 
I was never able to succesfully run javac from inside WebStart-Antidote.
 I either had to include suns tools.jar with the download (i.e. have it
with the rest of the lib jars), or not run it at all.  I posted several
questions to several WebStart forums for an answer on how to add to the
classpath during runtime, but there were none.  Do you have a solution
for this?


>>> 1/13/2003 7:50:27 AM >>>
> > - Deploy a WebStart-Version of ANTidote from
> > didn't you want to contribute ;)).
> What do you want me to do?  If you say "write GUI code", the answer
> will be no ;-)

My chances are good, then! The todos are:
- Enable the server to handle the .JNLP MIME-Type
- Setup a directory for the jars and the .jnlp-file
- Thing about a regular deployment-process for ant.jar
optional jars, antidote.jar and 3rd party jars from the Ant/Antidote
nightly/release builds
- probably deploy the jars manually in the first step.
- build a simple "download"-Website for the Anakia-build site.

Feel free to pick, if you like *g*. There is not a line of gui code in


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