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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject The zip update problem
Date Thu, 09 Jan 2003 08:04:22 GMT
The mail I promised yesterday but didn't manage to write since the
Gump/xdoclet problem is eating too much time ...

I'm talking about bug 10755 here.  The update feature of <zip> has
never worked, but it is broken in different ways in our past releases.

In Ant 1.4.x, update="true" would have recreated the archive all the
time, in 1.5.x it will never get recreated unless the files that are
to be added to the archive are newer than the archive (which means
"never" if the archive gets created during the build in the first

I've been thinking about solving this in a most general way by
extending the underlying concepts in SourceFileScanner so that it can
deal with targets or sources that are not Files, but ZipEntrys (or at
a later point URLs or TarEntrys or ...).  I had some initial ideas [1]
that I've not been too happy with and Magesh and Dominique have proven
that more thought needs to be put into the API.  Later I ran out of
time (and my kids wouldn't allow me to code during my vacation, right
they were 8-).

In the meantime, some people have suggested patches in bugzilla that
would lead to a simpler but more specific solution (most notably
Antoine Levy-Lambert).

Putting things together, a good solution with an API that we'd want to
support in the future doesn't fit into the timeframe for a 1.5.2
release, if we are talking about end of January IMHO.

I see three options here:

(1) don't fix it in the 1.5 branch at all.

(2) delay 1.5.2 until we are happy with a general fix.

(3) fix it in the 1.5 branch using cut'n'paste and private methods and
hacks and such (so that we don't add any public API that needs to be
supported in the future) and get it right in 1.6.

I'm leaning towards (3) but want to get some feedback before I proceed
in that direction.  After that I'd like to start discussion on what
"get it right" would be.


[1]  <>

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