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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: commons logging q
Date Sat, 18 Jan 2003 16:35:52 GMT
Steve Loughran wrote:

> so its pretty easy to do an implementation of the commons log that sends
> the messages to ant at the appropriate level, but I am stuck at the
> factory
> I need the current project (and preferably task) to set up the logger. I
> suppose for custom tasks (like the Axis ones) we just choose and set up
> the factory. But I know that the Axis code just calls LogFactory.getLog()
> , which retrieves a factory created by the standard commons algorithm, or
> that set by the system properties (and hence created with an empty
> constructor). And although the library caches the factory on a classloader
> by classloader basis, there is no way to put a manually created factory
> into the cache.
> The only way I can see that works is
> (a) set some static prop in our logfactory impl to point to the current
> project, maybe task
> (b) set the system property org.apache.commons.logging.Log  to our class
> (c) have the log factory get its data from the statics
> (d) write something to hide (a) and (b) from the general public out of
> embarassment.
> Any other better solution out there?

Not sure what you need - we can save the LogFactory in an ant reference,
if you want all tasks to use the same factory.

Or we can add a set method to c-l that sets the LogFactory for the current
context. ( I don't think it should be the Thread, but the 
Thread.contextClassLoader() - so you can set it per webapp ). 

Something like 
 static LogFactory.setLogFactory( ClassLoader thCL, LogFactory f); 
Send a patch to commons, it seems a reasonable use case.


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