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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: FW: Anybody know where I can find some JMX tasks?
Date Tue, 07 Jan 2003 21:13:21 GMT
Some work is taking place in commons-modeler.

No implementation for "remote" JMX yet - I'm still looking 
for a generic solution ( and reading the 1.2 spec ). The problem
is that each server has its own mechanism - and the 1.2 spec that
provides some "standard" way to access remote mbeans is not 
yet implemented. As implementations show up - the same tasks and API
could be used for local and remote. I'm not sure if a temp solution
is really worth the effort.


Strong Craeg wrote:

>> Hello:
>> There has recently been some discussion about JMX on this list...
>> I am interested in using JMX to configure a J2EE domain, things like
>> creating and destroying resources like connection pools,
>> jdbc data sources, tx data sources, etc.
>> Can anyone point me to some already existing tasks?
>> No point in reinventing the wheel.  If anyone has some tasks
>> in development, I would be happy to help out, as well.
>> Thanks in advance!
>> --Craeg

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