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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: Release Plans
Date Tue, 07 Jan 2003 17:55:32 GMT
Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:

>> We also need agreement and more feedback on the APIs - the PropertyHelper
>> is probably the one that needs most attention.
> Works for me here. We are already using a specialized property
> interceptor, and it seems to work fine... except when properties are
> passed down in <ant>. Intercepted ones aren't.

That's one issue - I don't know if <ant> should pass the helpers or not.
<antcall> needs a bit of improvments - there is no need to parse the
file again, that would speed it up a lot. I mentioned that it is now
possible to avoid copy of the properties ( using a "frame" mechanism ).

My point is that the APIs need to be reviewed and we should find the
simplest and most intuitive form. This is something we'll have to live
with for a while, and we must do all the changes before the final release. 

>> Should we add a similar mechanism to IntrospectionHelper and do a similar
>> change for references ( ReferenceHelper ? ) ? Project would remain with
>> target management and just delegate all other functionality.
> Dunno about IntrospectionHelper (could you please explain a use case?),
> but I've already found a need for references.

IntrospectionHelper - there are already plently of libraries for doing
introspection, some using advanced features we can't include because of
dependencies ( JDK1.3, other libs ). There is also JMX who defines a special
mechanism for setting attributes ( if someone would want to transparently
support JMX components as tasks - in commons-modeler for example :-).

Regarding reference helper - it is quite easy to do, if anyone volunteers.
Right now I have enough fun with the other changes ( and modeler and tomcat 
) :-)


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