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From Martin Landers <>
Subject VAJ tasks patchset
Date Mon, 27 Jan 2003 16:04:48 GMT

Hi Folks,

a while ago I submitted a set of patches for the Visual Age for Java tasks
to this list, partly enhancing the functionality, partly working in
suggested changes.

I didn't go through bugzilla as I didn't consider this to be of interest
to many people, but I as I haven't heard anything yet (not even comments
or critique) I wonder if I should have.

I guess everybody's schedule is just way too cramped with much more
pressing requests. But I currently can't be sure if it was this,
or the (silent) decision to leave the patches alone due to the effort to
"outsource"  seldomly used tasks or the fact that nobody can
compile these classes (what about the mock objects proposal then?).
Depending on where the problem is rooted I might be able to help.

Any comments or critique are welcome ;)


{_{__}_}  Martin Landers                     
   oo         "elk"                              
  / /
 (..)     " Who is General Failure and why is he reading my harddisk ? "

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