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From "didge" <>
Subject RE: [PATCH] Velocity task
Date Tue, 21 Jan 2003 21:55:25 GMT
VPP was originally developed to be a javac preprocessor, but on suggestion
by Bill Burton, I broke out the preprocessor as a filter for general purpose
use.  In addition, the latest release is now BSD licensed, includes a FAQ
and a few more examples.  See

Both Hiroaki's <velocity> task and VPP have a good amount of overlap.
Following is my summarization of the differences between them.  This is not
a critique, but simply to help those trying to understand the differences
between the two tools.:
- The core fuctionality of <velocity> is implemented as a task with a subset
of the <copy> task's functionality.
- The core functionality of VPP is implemented as a FilterChain and can be
used by any task that supports filter chains.
- <vpp> extends the  Therefore, <vpp>
provides a superset of the <copy> functionality, not a subset.
- Both tools support passing properties and instances to the
- <velocity> populates the context with only those properties that are
explicitly listed and satisfying an optional condition.
- VPP populates the context with the current project instance automatically,
giving access to all project properties implicitly.
- <velocity> uses a single instance of Velocity for all tasks.
- VPP initializes a new VelocityEngine for each individual task to allow
each task to have a custom configuration.
- <velocity> initializes the Velocity runtime from a property file.
- VPP initializes each VelocityEngine using properties defined by the task.

> From: Hiroaki Nakamura []
> Do you plan to submit your work to included in Ant project? If yes,
> it might be better to merge both features and implementations.

I have offered VPP to the Ant Project in the past and I am happy to make all
or part of it available now.  But I also agree with the sentiment that Ant
is growing very large.  To that end, I am going to request in a separate
email that VPP be listed as an Ant Related Project.

I'd also be happy to work with you on merging our ideas together to create
an even more flexible and easy to use tool.


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