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From Alexey Solofnenko <>
Subject RE: Import use cases, basedir behavior and target, property prefi xing
Date Fri, 17 Jan 2003 18:42:09 GMT
I am not sure I understand. The build files I am using are normal build
files except they have <use> tasks inside. Each component has its own build
file that refers to one common build file and some other component build
files. If component2 depends on component2, component2.compile target
depends on component1.compile target, and so on. The question does not seem
religious yet. In the future I hope we will have parallel ANT and it will
require explicit inter-component target dependencies, otherwise it will not
know that component1.compile should be compiled before component2.compile
(the usual problem with make). I do not think we have much of a choice. But
regardless what ANT does the pre-processor will work correctly anyway.

- Alexey.
{   } Alexey N. Solofnenko
Pleasant Hill, CA (GMT-8 usually)

-----Original Message-----
From: Jose Alberto Fernandez [] 
Sent: Friday, January 17, 2003 10:33 AM
To: Ant Developers List
Subject: RE: Import use cases, basedir behavior and target, property

> From: Alexey Solofnenko []
> We use type (2) imports to handle inter-component 
> dependencies. From my
> point of view this is the main reason for that type of import.

But Alexey, are your imported buildfiles just off the self buildfiles or
were they written specifically to be importable. I guess your preprosessor
(was the preprosessor yours?) is doing at least part of the specialization.

So one could make the argument that in fact you are using a type (1)
but for very specific purposes.

Anyway, I smell a religiour war comming and I really do not want to get into
that. ;-)

Jose Alberto

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