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From "Cristiano Sadun" <>
Subject RE: Anybody know where I can find some JMX tasks?
Date Wed, 08 Jan 2003 10:14:18 GMT
> > I am interested in using JMX to configure a J2EE domain, things like
> > creating and destroying resources like connection pools, 
> > jdbc data sources, tx data sources, etc.

Are you thinking of task(s) like "invoke mbean method" or "set mbean attribute"?

I just finished a data-source verification mbean which lead me thinking about similar lines,
and tought of having a look at the code of MC4J - they actually connect to 4 different agent
implementations, so maybe there's something reusable there.
Still, as somebody else was saying, if the JMX1.2-style remote access gets implemented quickly
enough by current agents, it probably isn't worth the effort to write or even study per-agent
code now.

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