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From "Cristiano Sadun" <>
Subject RE: Adding a task to the "external tasks" page?
Date Wed, 08 Jan 2003 10:00:03 GMT
> > "pack" "pack" is a task to build the smallest possible JAR to link
> > and run one or more classes.
> How does this relate to 
> <>
> or simply using <jar> and <classfileset>?  Just curious.

Of course :). For <jar>/<classfileset> I must suppose you may achieve the same
results, perhaps with more verbosity. I was aware of that (even if I chose not to indagate
the details), but - considering that <pack> is actually little more than the ant-repackaging
of code and techniques I wrote long time ago for a cmdline tool (and that my team isn't very
ant-knowledegable ;) - it turned out quicker to just write the task. 

That done, I found that a number of people was willing to use it - the combination of tasks
wasn't immediate for them as it wasn't for my programmers, or maybe they just didn't know
of the possibility. For GenJAR, I'm afraid I simply didnt know it existed - last time I checked
for similar tools was years ago (in makefile-era :), and found nothing, and I wrote mine,
and live happily ever after. <pack> was basically no effort for me to write and - frankly
- quite the fun: Ant is engineered nicely enough to be pleasant to work with. ;) 

> I've modified it a bit, please take a look and see whether you are
> happy with it.
> <>

Absolutely happy.

Thanks again for your precious work,


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