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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: [ANTidote] Introspection implemented and updated ToDo's
Date Mon, 13 Jan 2003 14:54:35 GMT
On Monday, January 13, 2003, at 09:35  AM, Christoph Wilhelms wrote:
> Hi ALL!
> I hope there is still some "ANTidote-Audience" listening ;). I've just
> replaced the DTD-Defined Elements and Attributes by an Ant-Standard
> introspection mechanism. Sorry, Nick, Craig and Erik: The DTD's aren't
> necessary anymore IMHO. Have a look! Oh, and don't panic: I did not 
> delete
> the DTD-Stuff. It's just unused ATM.

No apologies necessary - but I think you'll find that you might want 
richer information about the tasks than you'll get with 
IntrospectionHelper.  For example:

- Do you know the name mappings of the tasks?  If you are looking in then you do, but some of those task mappings in 
there are deprecated.  My metadata will tell you which those are.

- Do you get the descriptions of the attributes/elements?  With the 
proposal/xdocs you do.

- Will you be able to tell which attributes/elements are required?  
With proposal/xdocs you'll get that information (if we are rigorous 
about defining it).

- for EnumeratedAttribute's - are you getting the values allowed?  This 
would be easy for you to implement if you haven't already, but 
proposal/xdocs gives you that information.

- Will you be able to plug in other task libraries that are outside of 
Ant and get all of the above information too?  Thats the plan with 

In other words - IntrospectionHelper is great - proposal/xdocs uses it 
- but its not enough information, I don't think.



> At this point I'd like to give BIG CREDITS to Setfan. With his
> IntrospectionHelper it was nearly "piece-of-cake" to implement :). 
> WORK! IT's one of the fastest reflection-code I've seen!
> Of course this has just been a first step!
> Short-run ToDos are:
> - Cleanup the introspection code in ACEFactory (MY Task ;))
> - Enable registring of custom tasks/jars/ etc. (I can
> handle this, too)
> - Make the attributes aware of their type.
> - implement attribute-editors for many of the types.
>   - simple types (Sring, Integer, Boolean)
>   - reference types
>   - list/custom types
> - Dayly/Weekly builds via Gump
> - Deploy a WebStart-Version of ANTidote from (Stefan, 
> didn't
> you want to contribute ;)).
> I think, we get closer to a 1.0 now. I could really need some 
> contributers
> for the attribute editor implemetation... I think it'll take most of 
> the
> time - even if it's interesting enough I wont be able to manage 
> shortly...
> Feedback welcome :)
> Cheers,
> Chris
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