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From "Jose Alberto Fernandez" <>
Subject RE: Import use cases, basedir behavior and target, property prefixing
Date Fri, 17 Jan 2003 11:23:22 GMT
> From: Nick Chalko []
> Claas Thiele wrote:
> >
> > For (2) imported functionality would be used in the context of the 
> > import (the subproject). The basedir should be set to 
> import context.
> I do not think (2) is a usecase for import.  I think it is better 
> handled by the "ant" task.

I agree with this. There may be certaintly cases where buildfiles can be just used
but I fail to see what is this big volume of buildfiles that out of the sudden will
be available for reuse.

Can someone post a real example of importing lets say 3 different buildfiles
from 3 different jakarta projects being able to do something meaningful with the
combine buildfile? No modifictions of the original files allowed :-0

> we already have ant.file.<>   Which is the 
> complete path to 
> the imported file.   The <dirname > task will already strip 
> off the file 
> name part.

Basedir is not necessarily the same as the directory where the project file is.
These are different concepts and I thought basedir.<> had been added
for just that use. 

Jose Alberto

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