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From Conor MacNeill <>
Subject Re: Possible ant regression?
Date Sun, 26 Jan 2003 23:13:36 GMT
Morgan Delagrange wrote:
> This may be related, if it's caused by the new Ant
> 1.2+ classloading.  The Ant taglib in Jelly started
> having problems as of the 1/24 Ant build:
> For some reason, when Ant tries to instantiate its
> classloader, the JVM is throwing a NoSuchMethodError
> for the AntClassLoader2 constructor.  I'm having
> trouble figuring out why that's happening, or even how
> it could happen.
> - Morgan


Actually the problem is the lack of a zero arg constructor for AntClassLoader.

The only thing I can suggest here is that there is an old ant.jar (or 
something containing the old version of the AntClassLoader.class) in your 
classpath somewhere. The change that introduced AntClassLoader2 also added a 
zero arg constructor to AntClassLoader. If you have an old ant.jar around, 
the old version may be being picked up without the new zero arg constructor.


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