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From Danno Ferrin <>
Subject Re: echo and filesets
Date Sat, 11 Jan 2003 05:48:13 GMT
There really is no need to chagne the code of the echo task to get the 
desired effect, try the <pathconvert> task....

<fileset id="myFs" dir="src" includes="**/*.java" />

<pathconvert refid="myFs" property="myfs.files" 

<echo file="fileList.txt">${myfs.files}</echo>

Or something to that effect, I didn't actually run this code so YMMV, 
but is seems simple enough.


Inger, Matthew wrote:

>Would it be possible (i would even be willing to write the code) to 
>extend the echo task so that it could take a fileset argument?  And
>it would either echo the fileset to the standard output area, or to
>the file specified in the command?
><fileset id="myFs" dir="src" includes="**/*.java" />
><echo file="fileList.txt">
>  <fileset refid="myFs" />
>Reason i ask is that right now, we are using the exec command
>and specifying an output file for a "cmd.exe /c dir /s /b *.java" command to
>get the filelist.  I'd rather do it in a more os independent manner.
>Once we have the file, we're passing the filename to the <ajc>
>(aspect java compiler) for processing.  It uses the contents of
>this file to actually build the project (it needs all java file names
>to completely aspect and produce appropriate class files).
>  for more info on aspectj

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