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From Dale Anson <>
Subject Re: Question about "external" tasks
Date Tue, 07 Jan 2003 22:55:14 GMT

Thanks for the info. I'll get my source and docs together. I'm not up on 
xdoclet, where can I find some info?

All of my tasks fall into the second category -- they are not part of or 
dependent on any commercial app or code.


Stephane Bailliez wrote:

>----- Original Message -----
>From: "Dale Anson" <>
>>I have written a variety of custom ant tasks. How does one go about
>>submitting such things to be included in the optional.jar or if deemed
>>suitable, into ant.jar?
>As you know we tend now to be very picky about what we put into optional so
>that it does not become a kitchen sink and that original authors wash their
>hand about the support and maintenance...especially when these tasks are
>related to commercial products where they are free to do whatever change
>they want and we pay the price about backward compatibility...(I did the
>mistake myself for writing such tasks so shoot me first).
>Anyway so it is assumed that antlib will improve that as pluggability will
>be a snap so people will have a tendancy to keep the code with their product
>rather than giving us the baby.
>For other tasks, well, you have to lobby here, attach code, documentation
>(and dont forget xdoclet doc to help erik...) and testcases in bugzilla. And
>bug us (wont be part of 'us' in a few days ;) about putting that in until
>you dont have a satisfactory reply.
>I think I wrote it all.
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