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From Christoph Wilhelms <>
Subject RE: is now linked from
Date Thu, 23 Jan 2003 14:41:50 GMT
> >> Now we just need to start using proposal/xdocs and get our
> >> documentation out of the "old school" HTML frames look and
> >> sync it with
> >> the nice new look.  :))
> >
> > +0.9... Wont have time to contribute before weekend (otherwise +1), 
> > but it's
> > more then a nice Idea, Erik!
> Well, its more than a couple of days work to get it rolling, but we 
> should head in that direction.

So what has to be done: Use xdoclet to generate document XMLs from the Ant
files and existing htmls matching the Anakia DTD. Eventually do some
tweaking in the Anakia Stylesheets to present the documentation "well".

I'd propose to put the documentation (Forrest-like) into an own tab next to
the "Home" tab. To accomplich this I have to do additional tweaking int the
Anakia Stylesheets and the Project.xml has to be generated by XDoclet


> > What's your opinion/vote for Stefan's proposal?
> +1 on running with as is, if that is the vote.  
> Honestly, things are moving so fast that I haven't been able 
> to keep up 
> completely, but as always, if I don't chime in with a vote then it 
> should be construed as a +1, or at least a +0.  I read all the mails, 
> and just pick and choose which ones I reply to, and if I objected I'd 
> say so :))

No offense! I was just curious ;).


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