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From Corriveau Stephan <>
Subject [Contribution] New tasks
Date Mon, 13 Jan 2003 20:05:38 GMT

	I've develloped 3 little custom tasks, I think it would be valuable
to other users of Ant. Here is a brief description of theses tasks :

	1. EvaluateProperty : This task enables the user to compare the
contain of a property  to a value (or a Regexp) and execute a task or a set
of tasks (through the <antcall> tag).  
	2. Iterate: This task enables the users to iterate through one or
many filesets and perform  Ant tasks. The full path of the file is pass
through a property which the name is determined by the user.

	3. For : Like the name suggest, its a for loop ! It cant be
configure to run ant task for a specific number or iteration.

	let me know if you're interested in my contribution to this project.

	Best regards.

	> Stéphan Corriveau				<
	> Conseiller					<
 	>							<
	> CGI - Centre de services à la BLC		<	
	> Téléphone:   (514) 284-2756 poste 2829	<
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