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From "Antoine Levy-Lambert" <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: jakarta-ant/src/testcases/org/apache/tools/ant/taskdefs
Date Mon, 27 Jan 2003 14:38:42 GMT
I would go for using forward slashes :
     - maybe convert to forward slashes immediately in the constructors of
Resource and in Resource#setName
     - then one would need to pay attention when one wants to find the
corresponding file on a Windows filesystem
You are right that the current solution smells a bit, I have the impression
that I am rebuilding all my ant jars every time I do a build.
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From: "Stefan Bodewig" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, January 27, 2003 3:09 PM
Subject: Re: cvs commit:

> On 27 Jan 2003, <> wrote:
> >   ZIP-Entries always use forward slashes
> I'm not sure that this is the best solution to the problem.
> The context is:
> SourceSelector calls getResource on ResourceFactory with a name
> argument that comes from a Resource#getName.  As it stands we have two
> different Resource types, but there may be more in the future.
> File base Resources will hand out Resources with names that will have
> platform specific file separators.  They probably expect names in
> getResource calls to use the platform's separator, but may be able to
> deal with forward slashes even on Windows.
> ZipEntry based Resources will hand out Resources with names that
> always use / as separator, they can now deal with both types of input.
> Maybe it would be better to tighten up the contract, both for
> Resource#getName as well as ResourceFactory#getResource?
> What would be the best policy?  Use the platform's separator
> everywhere?  Use slashes everywhere?  Accept everything but always
> return the platform dependent names?  I'm not sure, but the current
> solution smells a bit.
> Stefan
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