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From "Antoine Levy-Lambert" <>
Subject Re: SSH Tasks
Date Thu, 30 Jan 2003 10:50:13 GMT
Having a SSH task in an is something that a lot of people are after.
A lot of companies are banning telnet, ftp, rsh and rlogin from their
systems, to use only ssh, scp, sftp

Which licenses are acceptable for jar files or binary libraries required by
optional tasks ?
Finding a solution for a ssh task which would be part of ant, rather than
part of an extra SourceForge project would make things easier.
Ant users prefer to have a minimum of downloads to do to get their
environment setup; further there is always a danger that SourceForge
projects lose compatibility with new versions of ant.
If the mindterm license is not OK for inclusion in ant, there are two other
possibilities :
    - finding another library with an Apache compatible license to do the
ssh connection (ideas ???)
    - that the Ant PMC contacts mindterm and asks the company to release the
code required by the task developed by Rob Anderson under an acceptable
license for inclusion in ant
By the way, there are a number of tasks which are dependent on commercial
jar files, for instance the Visual Age tasks. Some tasks can only be
executed with commercial binaries (Perforce tasks for instance). So is there
a special problem for these ssh tasks, or is the ant PMC now more rigorous ?
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From: "Steve Loughran" <>
To: "Ant Developers List" <>
Sent: Tuesday, November 26, 2002 9:16 PM
Subject: Re: SSH Tasks

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> From: "Anderson, Rob H - VSCM" <>
> To: <>
> Sent: Tuesday, November 26, 2002 10:37
> Subject: SSH Tasks
> > I have been working on an SSH task (attached) that will allow you to run
> > command remotely via ssh2. It will authenticate with an ssh key and
> > passphrase. It will only work if you have setup the authorized_keys on
> > remote host and can authenticate non-interactively when your key is
> loaded.
> > It relies on the mindterm classes
> > (
> > I have a question about the licensing of such a task. Can I release it
> under
> > the Apache Software License? I am also planning to write a much needed
> > task. Please contact me with any questions and feedback. Thanks.
> You are constrained to release it under a licence that is compatible with
> the mindterm license, which looks GPL-ish, but I'd need to read more. If
> is GPL then you can only release your app under GPL too.
> This does not reduce the value of the submission, but prevents it ever
> into the apache codebase. My recommendation is to start a project on
> sourceforge and we can link to it from the ant docs/web site.
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