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From "Craig Campbell" <>
Subject Re: [Antidote] ToDo
Date Fri, 13 Dec 2002 18:19:46 GMT

For the xdocs stuff, should we decide on new @tags that should be added to tasks for GUI integration?
 Are we at that point yet?  I believe we have decided to go with Eric's proposal about using
xdocs to generate the schema that we will use for the task definitions.  So here is my list
of things that I believe the schema will be used for (the majority are already handled by
the DTD so it shouldn't be a big jump):
- task chooser
- nested elements allowed
- tag name
- customized editors for tasks/types (The introspection will take place when the schema is
made, this is currently non-existant).
- type (task, datatype, etc...  this will be the generic identifier for what icon to use unless
specified using the icon tag)
- icon (optional)
- anything I forgot or needs to be added?

I agree with Eric about the specifications for task JARs and that we need to push for this,
but how far out are we from that?  My proposal is that we don't wait for that to happen with
Ant, but that we work with the current implementation of the shipping tasks (ant.jar and optional.jar),
as well as the custom tasks third party developers would like to add.  We build the pieces
with the idea that someday, tasks will be removed from the main ant.jar and optional.jar archive
and be put into their own separate packages.  This will also allow us to be backward compatible
with previous versions of Ant that don't have the convience of separate packages.

Also, I haven't seen any more volunteers for any of the other pieces that need to be worked
on.  What happened to all the developers who showed interest in reviving Antidote?!?


>>> 12/6/2002 10:48:27 AM >>>
The xdocs stuff will be metadata for the world to use to integrate with 
Ant.  If Antidote needs something special that others don't (which I'd 
be surprised about) then we can factor it in as well.

We'll have to come up with some specifications for what an ant task JAR 
should contain, so third party libraries can integrate as nicely as 
built-in tasks.


Craig Campbell wrote:
> One way that could be used is a definite icon difference between the Task and Type elements.
 However with Eric's xdocs solution we could easily provide custom icons.  Maybe not for Antidote,
but as Nicola brought up a good example of others who might like to see custom icons.  Netbeans
may use it with their UI, and possibly others (Eclipse??).  I guess a question that should
be brought up is are we just producing a solution for Antidote or are we trying to build a
frame work for other GUI's to leverage?

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