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From "Craig Campbell" <>
Subject RE: [Antidote] ToDo
Date Wed, 04 Dec 2002 16:57:03 GMT
Cristoph and Eric,

>Will we introspect the buildfiles for <taskdef [...]/>
>tags to look for custom tasks...?

Introspecting the buildfiles for taskdef might not be a bad idea.  If we implement that solution,
we can later expand it to link <ant [...]/> tags to their buildfile or directory, as
well as <antcall [...]/> tags to their respective targets? Just a thought.

>Have you seen the DTDs in Antidote, which are used as taskdefinitions
>currently? Can we use Erics approach to generate such DTDs or would you
>prefer another solution?

I did see the DTDs and used them for each successive build I have done, but consistently ran
into the problem of custom tasks not showing the children they excepted or the fields they
had available (when the customizer could not find the class and had to use the table view).
 I agree that Eric's approach will be better and will generate the necessary DTDs much more
efficiently than AntStructure.  However, this will require (at least I think) that we implement
the xdocs stuff in antidote for the above <taskdef [...]/> solution.  We would need
a shipping version of xdocs (or am I running down the wrong path)?  

Let me know if this is a possible solution: Require the creator of a custom task to build
a DTD for their task, by using the <xdoc [...]/>, which would place the resulting files
in a common directory that Antidote would look in when it encounters a <taskdef [...]/>?

>Find a concept for ACSDtdElement(s) to be rendered with different icons in
>the tree, based upon the current implementation. I bet you (Craig) already
>found a nice solution for this - or should we wait with this until we
>decided on a concept how to support tasks in general?

Unfortunately, the only solution that I have implemented has to to with BeanInfo objects,
and not the individual tasks.  However, just to be clear, what you would like to see is a
custom icon for <javac>, <ant>, <mkdir>, etc... ?  Am I right?  Would it
be advantageous to request this for the main ant project? i.e. for each task/type (if necessary)
have a tag that was defined so the xdocs could pick it up with a path to the image for their
respective task?  Ant.jar already contains a directory "images/".  We could have some of the
amazing graphical artists in the community go to work for each task, or have the creator of
the task do their own image, place it in the images/ directory and reference it from the (@image
| @icon | etc...) tag?  If we can't find an owner of a task I don't think it would be that
difficult to run through each task and map it to an image (of course I will let you know how
difficult it is when we actually have to do it, but right now everything looks easy). This
can be stored when xdocs runs through the task list, or custom tasks provided by the user.
 Of course there will be a default icon for those tasks that don't have one mapped.  Then
when the renderer builds the tree it knows to go look at this information, pulling in the
right icon or the default for any missing icons.

Again, these are just some ideas on how to best meet the needs of the problem.  Let me know
if I am way off.


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