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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Greetings from Les Hughes
Date Mon, 16 Dec 2002 21:44:41 GMT
Hi all,

Les contacted me last week, seems he'll be able to contribute again
sooner or later.  He asked me to pass the following along.


I was just browsing
ant-dev (I'm getting back into the swing of things) and found the
mails below.

For this one,
I thought I'd already exposed the low level API, and P4OPTS or
something like it takes a string of options (like -x -foo
-blahblahblah) It may just need a patch to the doco.

For the mail below, I hope to pick the p4 stuff back up.  I'm not yet
ready to subscribe to ant-dev as my ***** a/c tends to fill up
inbetween visits to net cafes

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List:     ant-dev
Subject:  RE: new p4 target
From:     "Matt Bishop" <matt.bishop () bea ! com>
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Anyone know where Les Hughes has gone?  He maintains the P4 tasks, I =
believe.  His email account at DNK him any more.


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