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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: How to provide reusable ClassPaths in ANT
Date Tue, 17 Dec 2002 18:31:08 GMT
David Jencks wrote:

>> BTW, JMX has an interesting model with a loader repository where all
>> class loaders are registered, and it'll look into all loaders in a
>> repository when trying to create an mbean. ( you can also request an
>> explicit loader).
> Indeed, this is one of the more blatant advantages to rewriting ant to be
> a set of mbeans running in an mbean server.
> david jencks

I don't know if you are familiar with commons-modeler, it's a model
mbean tool for java beans that follow ant ( or tomcat ) patterns
( setters, etc).

It also includes a number of ant tasks to create mbeans, invoke
methods, etc. One example use is in catalina.xml ( in tomcat5,
jakarta-tomcat-catalina/catalina/bin/catalina.xml ) - it shows
how to 'embed' tomcat5 as an mbean and control it from ant ( using
only the mbean tasks in modeler ). 

I also added some code to deal with the explicit definition of
loaders ( using the jmx repository ), and I'll probably extend this
soon. I recently made a proposal on tomcat-dev to use mbeans for
plugins ( modules/components/extensions ), and it'll probably use
the jmx tasks in modeler and ant as a processor. It seems the vote
will pass, and the class loader changes and jmx integration are the first 
step in implementing this.

As I said, it would be very good to keep the xml syntax consistent,
even if it'll end up beeing processed by different applications.
I'll try to make the ant task as similar as possible with the <mlet>.
JMX1.2 has been released and it includes some interesting additions
on classloader mechanism.


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