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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: How to provide reusable ClassPaths in ANT
Date Tue, 17 Dec 2002 05:20:10 GMT
If you check, there is already a way to reuse a classloader.


Jose Alberto Fernandez wrote:

> One of the things that most anoyed me of the current architecture of ANT
> if the way ClassPaths are managed during the build. Almost every task
> that can be passed a <path> for finding classes, creates its own
> AntClassLoader. As a consecuence ref-ids become incompatible very easily
> unless the classes are all on the system classpath.
> By creating AntClassLoaders on those indifvidual tasks we are forcing ANT
> to reload class definitions a lot, which has to slow things down, IMHO.
> I do not have a full solution (backward compatible and all), but would
> like to propose doing some brainstorming to find a better way to do this
> (at least on most cases).
> Here are some ideas I have been thinking about, for you guys to shread to
> pieces:
> We continue declaring <path>s the way we do, but allow to specify caching
> of classloaders:
> <path cacheclasses=true>
> ...
> </path>
> The Path class will have a new methods:
> ClassLoader getCachedLoader();
> void setCachedLoader(ClassLoader cl);
> these methods would be used by AntClassLoader to decide whether to
> actually create a new ClassLoader of simply delegate to the cached one. So
> users will continue to use things as they do today, and just the internals
> of this implementations will know about this things.
> Of course, we still need some rules to decide when it is safe to use the
> same classloader and when not. Given the configuration of the Path object.
> Any comments, ideas, do you guys thing there is any hope on something like
> this to work?
> Jose Alberto

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