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Subject - Missing information on the website
Date Mon, 09 Dec 2002 07:49:58 GMT
Hello together.

Because I haven´t cvs and no knowledge of xdoc (yet), I can´t give you a

On the resource site (
- The book "Java Development with Ant" by Erik and Steve isn´t "coming soon"
any more. 
- I have found a very small book (in German): "Ant - kurz & gut", O´Reilly,
by Stefan Edlich, ISBN 3-89721-241-2

Related Projects (
- AntContrib: Would be link to the binary-download useful?

CVS Access (
- SourceForge has a HTML-Client for accessing infos from their cvs. Would it
be useful for Ant´s cvs?

Contributors (
- no text for Diane Holt and Costin Monolache
- is Erik Hatcher not a committer?
- if this is not a complete list, this should be written at the beginning.

Jan Matèrne

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