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From Conor MacNeill <>
Subject Re: Classloader and import tasks
Date Wed, 25 Dec 2002 07:47:17 GMT
Costin Manolache wrote:
> I would like to check in the (updated) <classloader> and <import>
> tasks into the MAIN branch.


I haven't had time to review this in-depth but I would like to provide you 
with some quick feedback since I'm going offline for a while.

1. The use of ProjectHelper2 in the ImportTask

As I understand it, ProjectHelper2 is an implementation of the ProjectHelper 
plugin. As such, I don't think Tasks, such as ImportTask, should have a 
direct dependency on this class. Someone should be able to use another 
ProjectHelper without requiring ProjectHelper2 to be around.

It seems this is there just for the AntXmlContext class. Can this be made a 
top level class and moved out of the helper package.

2. Classloader

For the classloader task, you stated "It'll create a new loader or add paths 
to an existing loader." I'm not sure that modifying a classloader is safe 
after it has started serving classes. The scenario I'm considering involves 
a child loader and the following steps

1. Class A is requested from the child loader. The child loader first tries 
the parent loader which cannot find class A. The child loader then tries to 
load class A and succeeds.

2. The parent class loader is modified to add a path containing class A.

3. Class B is requested from the child loader. The child loader delegates to 
the parent which finds Class B.

4. Class B has a dependency on Class A which the VM attempts to load through 
  Class B's class loader. Since this loader has been modified, Class A is 

5. Class A has now been loaded by a class loader and its child loader. This 
will most likely lead to violation of loader constraints and mysterious 

Since you are proposing this to allow modification of the core loader, I 
think it may cause problems.


Merry Christmas.

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